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    Series of Natural Coconut Juice
    Series of Natural Drinking Water
    Series of Natural Juice
    Series of Teas

    Coconut Palm? quality natural mineral water

    The product is manufactured from unpolluted high-quality mineral water
    350m deep under the ground of Longkunpo, Haikou City. It is processed with
    world advanced borderline science-French dynamic film water processing
    technique, and the most advanced germ-free production line introduced from
    Europe and U. S. in cleaning surroundings. In 1992, this product was
    designated as Beverage for the State Banquet by Beijing Diaoyutai State
    Guests House. According to the national inspection and testing carried out
    successively from 1994 to 1997, the up to standard rate of the product is
    100%. It was appraised as “the first products which won high prestige
    successively for seven years in China” by China Drink Industrial
    Association, Natural Mineral Water Specialty Committee.

    Vocanic Rock Natural Mineral Water

    The saddle range volcanic rock in-depth contains abundantly many kinds of is being beneficial in the human body race element volcanic rock mineral water,The water seepage in the underground circulation,natural purified for more than 15,000 years.at present domestic first discovery gas-free volcanic rock precious naturl mineral water.
    Vocanic Rock Natural Mineral Water achievement “the Chinese state banquet drink”,”the Chinese superior drink”and “the china famous brand goods”,and obtain the country “product quality exempting from inspetion”the certificate high end quality product,its specification has 342ML,542ML,268ML 1500ML,3 liter flasks bottled.